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What is Unauthorized Access and How Does It Happen?

Access control is a fairly easy topic to understand overall, but complexities can arise when it comes time to tailor a systems integration program to meet your needs.

The first step is to define what unauthorized access means and what it looks like in your organization. Here are five of the most common ways that individuals obtain unauthorized access:
Unauthorized access by levering a door open


This can happen when one or more unauthorized people follow an authorized user through a door.

Door Propping

This can be similar to tailgating. Often people prop doors open for convenience, but it is a common way for unauthorized individuals to gain access to a restricted area.

Levering Doors

In this scenario someone uses a tool, like a small screwdriver, or even something larger, like a crowbar, to lever the doors and force them open.


Keys can be stolen, inadvertently lost or even loaned to others. Part of the trouble with keys is that they can be impossible to recover and if someone can gain access through tailgating, it may be some time before they notice their keys are gone.

Access Cards

Even though electronic access cards are more high-tech, they are still prone to similar issues as physical keys as they can be lost, stolen or shared with someone else.

Regardless of how someone gains access, unauthorized access can be dangerous. If your facility is considering implementing an access control system or needs to update an existing system, contact us today for a free commercial estimate.

For more details, read 5 Common Types of Unauthorized Access and How to Combat Them by Security Magazine.