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National Safety Council: Together We Can End Impaired Driving

National Safety Month: Driving Safely

The National Safety Council (NSC) has reported that more than 38,000 people died in motor vehicle crashes in 2015; some of these fatalities involved people who drive for a living. We are an NSC member and make safety a priority everyday. In fact, it is a cornerstone of how we... Read More
CCTV Footage from Jimmy John's Robbery in Kansas City MO

Crystal Clear CCTV Footage Aids Police in Capturing Robbery Suspect

Police released CCTV footage from a robbery incident at a fast food restaurant, which helped the public provide tips. It’s no doubt; the crystal-clear quality of the footage aided the public in providing tips to law enforcement. Watch the Closed Circuit TV Footage Here Robbed at Gunpoint In Kansas City,... Read More
police demonstrating live fire against School Guard Glass

Cost-Efficient Glass Offers High Rate of Protection

As a specialist in the door industry, we are also committed to security. We are pleased to offer a new protective glass solution from School Guard Glass (SGG). Their products create safe and effective door solutions for schools and businesses. SGG Protective Glass in Action The video below is a... Read More
Gate system and access control for secured storage area

Manufacturer Needs Assistance with Compliance Issues

Category: Systems Integration Products: Access Control, Gate Systems Industry: Manufacturing Application: Integrated Security System Intro An industrial and construction chemical manufacturer needed to meet updated federal regulations and had a short time frame in which to make adjustments to meet requirements. Problem As a result of updated security measures, the... Read More

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ticketing parking system in a parking garage

County Upgrades Parking and Revenue Systems

Category: Systems Integration Product: Parking Access and Revenue Control System Industry: Municipal Application: Parking Garage Intro A county wanted to update their existing parking systems to match a newly-constructed parking garage serving their new courts building. Problem As part of their newly constructed facility, the court system was ready to... Read More
Gated entrance with security guardbooth

Media Outlet Upgrades Property Security

Category: Electronic Security Products: Barrier Gate Operator, Traffic Spike Strips, Consulting Installation, and Training Services Industry: Commercial Application: Upgraded Facility Security Intro A media outlet lacked sufficient traffic control and was concerned about the security of their facility. Problem The customer had an imperfect situation in that their existing guard... Read More
DH Pace 2015 Corporate Report Cover

Top Commercial Door Projects of 2015

During the course of the year, parent company DH Pace collects door projects across the organization to be published in the Company’s annual Corporate Report. The overarching goal is to communicate the Company’s commitment to building safer communities. These are the ways that our employees live out our Corporate Mission:... Read More
HID Global: Mobile Security Systems Integration

HID Global Identifies 5 Top Security Identity Trends in 2016

HID GlobalĀ® recently published trends to watch in 2016 based on collective information from their customers, partners and organizations across the globe. These security identity trends indicate a focus on mobile access. As a leader in the security identity solutions market, they are well-positioned to gain such insight. Their security... Read More
Video surveillance footage of a restaurant break-in after hours

Epic Surveillance Video: Burglars Just Want Tacos

Talk about an epic surveillance video! A Las Vegas restaurant caught a break-in with their video surveillance system. They published the following video in the hopes to spread the word and learn information about the intruders. Although the video is humorous in mocking that the burglars just want tacos, it... Read More
Biometric Identifiers

What’s the Most Accurate Biometric Identifier?

Biometric identifiers are distinctive characteristics that can be used to label and describe individuals. Think of fingerprint ridges, facial recognition or the like. So what is the most accurate biometric identifier that can be used to identify people? It turns out that iris recognition is the most accurate measurement on... Read More

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