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National Safety Month: Prevent Workplace Violence

The occurrence of workplace violence has increased in recent years. Therefore, the National Safety Council recommends basic planning and preparation strategies to minimize or prevent violent situations in the workplace.

We are an NSC member and make safety a priority everyday. In fact, it is a cornerstone of how we help our customers build safer communities, and safety plays into how we operate internally.

Prevent Workplace Violence

  • Take any kind of threat seriously; never underestimate the potential for violence
  • Foster supportive environments. Do not tolerate violence or disrespectful behavior
  • Work to peacefully resolve conflicts and recognize signs of troubled coworkers, disgruntled employees and victims of domestic abuse
  • Make arrangements to walk in and out of work with a group of employees if you feel threatened by a potential domestic abuser
  • Any worrisome situations or suspicious activities should be communicated
  • If you feel threatened in any way, seek the help of local authorities
  • Work with local law enforcement to protect everyone from internal and external risks
  • Design, implement, and communicate a comprehensive workplace violence prevention program

Tips for Active Shooter Situations

National Safety Council: Active Shooter Tips

  1. If you can, EVACUATE
    Have an escape route planned
    Leave your belongings behind
    Help others escape, if possible
  2. If you can’t leave, HIDE
    Lock any access doors
    Barricade your hiding place
    Call 911 when you can
  3. When there’s no other choice, FIGHT
    Act “fight for your life” aggressive against them
    Throw items and improvise weapons
    Yell, scream, commit to your actions

Visit the NSC’s website for more information and resources on National Safety Month.