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Crystal Clear CCTV Footage Aids Police in Capturing Robbery Suspect

Police released CCTV footage from a robbery incident at a fast food restaurant, which helped the public provide tips. It’s no doubt; the crystal-clear quality of the footage aided the public in providing tips to law enforcement.

Watch the Closed Circuit TV Footage Here

Robbed at Gunpoint

In Kansas City, a Jimmy John’s restaurant employee faced a robbery suspect asking for all the money in the cash register. The suspect demanded the money at gunpoint, and the employee turned over all the cash in the till.

The footage quickly went viral because of the employee’s calm reaction when faced with a gun. Many jokes ensued about what he was thinking at the time that kept him so clam. Incidences like this are no laughing matter though. Thankfully, this Jimmy John’s franchise location had a video management system in place.

The Value of Quality Commercial Security Systems

With such high-quality footage of the suspect and the speed with which law enforcement released it to the general public, chances were high that there would be good tips.

Within just 12 hours, the police apprehended the suspect based on tips from the public.

Clear footage, such as the CCTV footage in this example, can make the difference between having some level of detail about a suspect or situation and being exact. There’s no doubt that the video management system in place at this facility helped bring this case to a close.

If you are interested in how a well-designed commercial security system can support internal and police investigations, contact us.

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